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All Flowers Go To Heaven - 5x5"


"All Flowers Go To Heaven"
Made with an assorted bunch of bright and pastel hand collected, pressed, preserved and lightly enhanced flowers using a unique 10 step process requiring the successive layering of materials.

Original botanical collage matted, framed and wired for the wall. 5x5” and 8x8” sizes come with easel for table top display. Dimensions listed indicate glass size (the frame border is 2" so a 5x5" listing will measure 9x9" on the wall).

Botanical Collages are sealed to a varnish like finish and safe for display in humid environments. Like all original works of art, original botanical collages are best preserved if displayed in areas that do not receive direct light.

All works are one of a kind. Each design is replicated in kind: please be aware that slight variations will occur.